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Management: an introduction


NormallyFrom 19h to 21h (but see 3/6 and 24/6) on the following dates:

Tuesday 4/05- Principles of Management

Tuesday 11/05- Organisation structure and culture

Wednesday 19/05- Strategic Management

Thursday 3/06- Management decision-making 17h45 to 19h45

Thursday 24/06- The international context of management 17h40 to19h40.

Tuesday 29/06- Leadership, management skills and personal effectiveness


Each week I will ask you to:

 Read an article/ articles of c20-30 pages
 Answer 2-4 questions with a mini essay – (50-200 words) and email (rf.gesei|sbbig.b#rf.gesei|sbbig.b) these to me.

I will collate these, identify issues raised by the students to discuss in the form and/ or set further questions for your to respond to with a mini essay

I will also introduce issues and questions for debate in the forum section of the website http://managementthematic.wikidot.com/

Learning aims:

 To provide a grounding in a wide range of management theories and key aspects of management practice.
 To introduce both the history and the contemporary context of management work.
 To emphasise that management is a multi-faceted and complex activity.
 To introduce the concept and practice of the “reflective practioner”.

Learning outcomes

After completing this course students should:

 Be able to identify and explain key management theories.
 Be equipped to discuss a range of management activities.
 See management as both varied and complicated.
 Have acquired the knowledge necessary for development as a “reflective practioner”.

Good luck.


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